Supplemental/Bid Bulletin Addendum No. 2 (Security Services)

This Bid Bulletin No.2 is issued to modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents on Security Services. This shall form an integral part of the Bidding Documents.

1. The lowest calculated bidder (LCB) shall submit a Certified True Copies of the following requirements and shall be certified by the issuing entities;

a. SSS Clearance
b. BIR Clearance
c. Philhealth Certification
d. Pag-IBIG Fund Certification
e.NLRC Certification
f. DOLE Certification

The above mentioned certifications/clearances are Post Qualification requirements.

2.The ECC clearance being incorporated with the SSS clearance has already been waived.
3.PADPAO rate shall be strictly followed.

For guidance and information of all concerned.

BAC Chairman

Received by the Bidders:


*A Supplemental / Bid Bulletin is a notice issued by the Procuring Entity to Eligible Bidder with respect to any clarifications or modifications in the Bidding Documents, including those affecting the technical specifications, procurement schedule, and other similar matters. It is prepared by the TWG, approved by the BAC, and publicized by the BAC Secretariat. It should be made available to all Prospective Bidders who have properly secured or purchased the Bidding Documents, not later than seven (7) calendar days before the deadline for the submission and receipt of bids.