MC No.


02-11-79 Schedule Of Radio Operator’s Examination For Calendar Year 1980

10-79 (Untitled)

11-79 Suspending Acceptance Of Applications For New Radio Stations Within The HF Band

12-79 Allowing The Registration Of Illegally Held Radio Transmitter/ Transceiver Equipment Without Penalty Of Law


MC No.


01-78 Schedule Of Radio Operator Examination For The Year 1978

02-78 Confiscation And/Or Forfeiture Of Unregistered Radio Transmitter And/Or Transceivers

03-78 (Untitled)

04-78 Prescribing Guidelines For The Issuance Of Dealer’s Permit (Both New And Renewal)

05-78 Authorizing Domestic Public Carriers To Extend Their Radio Communications Facilities To Foreign-Owned Or Controlled Firms Doing Business In The Philippines

06-78 Requiring A Permit To Purchase For The Importation Of Radio Communications Equipment.

07-78 Coordination Agreement Between MARCAPI And TCB

08-78 Schedule Of Radio Operators Examination For The Year 1979

09-78 Amending The Prescribed Guidelines For The Issuance Of Dealer’s Permit (Both New And Renewal)


MC No.


01-77 Guidelines In Filing Various Applications For Radio Station Licenses And Permits

02-77 (Untitled)

03-77 Prescribing Guidelines In The Examination For Radiotelegraph Operator Licenses And Radio teletype Operator Permits

04-77 Prescribing Guidelines To Be Observed By Holders Of Class “B” And Class “C” Amateur Radio Operator Licenses

05-77 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 18 Dated November 07, 1972, Prescribing Guidelines In The Purchase, Sale And Manufacture Of Crystals.

06-77 Temporary Permit Without Expiration Dates

07-77 Revising The Rates For Radio Station Construction Permits, Licenses And Other Fees

08-77 Definition Of The Terms LICENSE And CERTIFICATE

09-77 Providing Guidelines To Simplify Filing And Processing Of Applications For Permits To Construct And Operate Certain Classes Of Radio Stations


MC No.


76-01 Schedule Of Radio Operator Examinations For The Year 1976

76-02 Prescribing ID Pictures For Radio Operator Licenses/Permits.

76-03 Prescribing Separate Licenses For Each Class Of Station In The Amateur Services.

76-04 Regulating The Use Of Scramblers And Similar Secrecy Devices In Radio Communications.

76-05 (Untitled)

76-06 Guidelines In The Consideration Of Applications For Mobile Radio Stations On Board Motor Vehicles And Other Requirements In The Operations Thereof.

76-07 Prescribing The Registration Of Government Owned And Operated Radio Stations And Other Requirements

76-08 Assigning Sets Of Frequencies For Demonstration/Propagation Test Purposes By Duly Registered Dealers/Manufactures Of Radio Communications Equipment And Setting Guidelines Therefor.

76-09 (Untitled)

76-10 Schedule Of Radio Operator Examinations For The Year 1977.

76-11 Prescribed Application Form For Issuance Of Radio Operator License/Permit.




MC No.


75-01 Requiring Applicants For Permit To Possess Radio Transmitters/Transceivers To Submit Certain Papers To Support Their Applications.

75-02 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 02-74, Re: Schedule Of Radio Operator Examinations For The Year 1975

75-04 Prescribing New Rates For Radio Operator Examination And License/Permit Fees

75-05 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 01 Dated July 01, 1974, Requiring Applications For Licenses/Permits To Be Supported By Certain Clearance And Information Sheets.

75-06 Allowing The Issuance Of Radio Operator License/ Permits Of All Types And Classes New Or Renewal, For A Period Of Not More Than Two (2) Years

75-07 (Untitled)

75-08 Clarifying The Use Of Frequencies, Emissions And Power Limitations By Amateur Radio Stations

75-09 Use Of Authorized Call-Sign For Radio Station Identification

75-10 Prescribing New Rates For Radio Station Construction Permits, Licenses, And Other Fees

75-11 Providing A Scale Of Administrative Penalties In The Form Of Fines Of Violations Of Radio Laws & Regulations


MC No.


01-74 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 39 Of The Radio Control Office Dated November 30, 1973, Requiring Submission Of Clearances And Information Sheets For Applications For Licenses/Permits.

02-74 Schedule Of Radio Operator Examinations For The Year 1975

03-74 Requiring All Applications For Licenses For Broadcast And Television Stations Including TV Translator Stations, And For Public Fixed Point- To-Point And Public Coastal Station To Be Supported By Certificates Of Public Convenience And Necessity/Authority To Charge Rates.

03a-74 Suspending The Application Of Memorandum Circular No. 03-74 Dated September 16, 1974 To Broadcast And Television Stations Up To December 31, 1974.

04-74 Assigning The Frequencies 144-146 Mhz For The Use Of Licensed Amateur Stations And Disallowing The Use Of The Frequencies 146-148 Mhz By Said Stations.

05-74 Clarifying The Requirements And/Or Conditions For The Use Of The AFP (OCR-PICAG) Assigned Frequencies For Civic Action Purpose

05a-74 Amendment To Memorandum Circular No. 05-74 Dated November 13, 1974, Prescribing Detailed Implementing Rules And Regulations Thereto.


MC No.


25-73 Prescribing That Issuance Of All Type And Classes Of Licenses And Permits, New Of Renewal, Shall Be For A Period Of One Year Only.

26-73 Prescribing Guidelines For Qualifying And Special Examinations For Currently Employed Unlicensed Radio Operators Or Persons Actually Operating Government-Owned Radio Stations

27-73 Suspending The Acceptance And Processing Of Applications For The Construction And Operation Of Radio Stations For End-Users Other Than Applicant-Franchise Grantees As Well As Applications Under The “IPSO FACTO” Provisions Of Existing Franchises

28-73 Amending Part I Of Memorandum Circular No. 26 Dated February 01, 1973

29-73 Lifting The Temporary Suspension Of The Use Of 6-Meter Amateur Band.

30-73 (Untitled)

31-73 Requiring Applicants To Secure Clearances Before Filing For New Or Renewal Permit And/Or License

32-73 Suspending The Effecitivity Of Memorandum Circular No. 31 Dated June 20, 1973.

33-73 Issuance Of Permits For Movement Or Transport Of Communications Equipment

34-73 Amending Memorandum Circular No. 26 Dated February 01, 1973 And Memorandum Circular No. 28 Dated March 15, 1973.

35-73 Guidelines For The Granting Of Clearance For The Release Of Imported Transceivers/Transmitters And Components Thereof Either At MIA Or Customs Port Zone.

36-73 Schedule Of Radio Operator Examinations For The Year 1974

37-73 Implementation Of Department Order No. 88 Series Of 1972, Requiring The Services Of Duly Registered Electronics And Communications Engineer (ECE) In The Planning And Designing, Installation Or Construction, Operation And Maintenance Of Radio Stations, And In The Manufacture And/Or Modification Of Radio Communications Equipment.

38-73 Authorizing The Use Of Prefix Call-Sign “Dx” In Lieu Of “Du”, By All Licensed Radio Amateurs In The Philippines During The Amateur Radio Week From November 26 To December 02, 1973.

39-73 Institution Of Maximum Control And Regulation Of Radio Communications In This Country, To Include The Manufacture And Sale Of Radio Equipment As Well As The Practice Of Radio Operation

40-73 (Untitled)

41-73 Extension Of Operation Of Radio Stations For End-Users.


MC No.


1 RCO (Untitled)

2 RCO Temporary Suspension Of Acceptance Of Applications Or Requests For Frequency Authorization Within The H.F.(3-30 Mhz) Band.

3 RCO Temporary Suspension Of Acceptance Of Applications Or Requests For Frequency Authorization Within The H.F.(3-30 Mhz) Band.

4 RCO Suspending The Acceptance And Processing Of All Applications For Radio Station Construction Permits, Radio Station Licenses And Modification Of Radio Station Licenses.

5 RCO Requiring All Persons, Companies And Corporations, Other Than Authorized Radio Dealers And Manufacturers, Possessing Unregistered Radio Transmitters And/Or Transceivers To Register Same Not Later Than November 15, 1972 With The Radio Control Office Or Its Field Offices Without Penalty.

6 RCO Submission Of List Of End-Users And Report Of Compliance To Directive To Revert To Assigned Frequencies

7 RCO Procedure In The Purchase, Sale, Supply Or Grinding Of Crystals.

8 RCO Sale Of Multi channel Master Oscillator Controlled And Frequency Synthesizer Types Of Transmitters And/Or Transceivers

9 RCO Guidelines For Usage Of Frequency/Frequencies By Any Government-Owned Radio Station Except Those Of The Armed Forces

10 RCO Guidelines For Amateur Radio Stations

11 RCO Registration Of Portable/Mobile Radio Transmitters And Transceivers With Output Power Of 100 Milliwatts Or Less.

12 RCO Temporary Suspension Of The Operation Of Radio Stations Owned By Civic Organizations And Radio Stations In The Citizen’s Band And 6-Meter Band.

13 RCO Papers That Will Be Processed By The Radio Control Office

14 RCO Guidelines For Use ·Of Land Base And Mobile Radio Stations

15 RCO Guidelines For The Use Of 2 And 10 Meter Band Frequencies For Amateur Communications Satellite

16 RCO (Untitled)

17 RCO Imposition Of Surcharge For Late Filing Of Applications For Renewal Of Licenses And Permits.

18 RCO Guidelines For The Purchase, .Sale And Manufacture Of Crystals

19 RCO Operation Of Currently Licensed Land Base And Land Mobile Stations Used By Commercial Establishments

20 RCO Additional Applications That May Be Processed By The Radio Control Office

21 RCO Cancellation Of Radio Franchise

22 RCO Assigning The Frequency 143.75 Mhz For The Use Of Currently Licensed Radio Stations Operated For Civic Action Purposes In Lieu Of Previously Assigned Frequencies To Said Stations Which Are Withdrawn.

22-A RCO Amending Items 1 And 2 Of The First Paragraph Of Memorandum Circular No. 22.

23 RCO Guidelines For The Issuance Of Special Radio Operator Permits For The Operation Of Radio Stations On Board Fishing Vessels With Power Of Not More Than 300 Watts Using A-3 Emission.

24 RCO Prohibiting The Use Of Amateur Radio Band Of Frequencies 144-148 Mhz For Police Communication Networks And For Other Public Or Private Communication Systems.

TOC 1972 List Of Memorandum Circulars Issued By The Radio Control Office To Implement Letter Of Instruction No. 13-A Of The President Of The Philippines Dated September 29, 1972