Republic Acts

R.A. No.
RA 3846 An Act Providing For The Regulation of Radio Stations And Radio Communications In The Philippine Islands, And For Other Purposes
RA 6849 An Act Providing For The Installation, Operation, And Maintenance Of Public Telephones In Each And Every Municipality In The Philippines, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other Purposesy
RA 7925 An Act To Promote And Govern The Development Of Philippine Telecommunications And The Delivery Of Public Telecommunications Services

Presidential Decrees

P.D. No.
PD 576-A Regulating The Ownership And Operation Of Radio And Television Stations And For Other Purposes
PD 1986 Creating The Movie And Television Review And Classification Board
PD 1987 An Act Creating The Videogram Regulatory Board

Executive Orders

E.O. No.
E.O. 59 Prescribing The Policy Guidelines For Compulsory Interconnection Of Authorized Public Telecommunications Carriers In Order To Create A Universally Accessible And Fully Integrated Nationwide Telecommunications Network And Thereby Encourage Greater Private Sector Investment In Telecommunications
E.O. 109 Policy To Improve The Provision Of Local Exchange Carrier Service
E.O. 196 Vesting The Jurisdiction, Control And Regulation Over The Philippine Communications Satellite Corporation With The National Telecommunications Commission
E.O. 205 Regulating The Operation Of Cable Antenna Television (CATV) Systems In The Philippines, And For Other Purposes
E.O. 436 Prescribing Policy Guidelines To Govern The Operations Of Cable Television In The Philippines
E.O. 467 Providing For A National Policy On The Operation And Use Of International Satellite Communications In The Country
E.O. 468 Providing For The Creation Of A National Council For The Promotion Of Electronic Commerce In The Country
E.O. 469 Amending Executive Order No. 190 Dated 19 July 1994 Approving And Adopting The National Information Technology Plan 2000 And Establishing The National Information Technology Council
E.O. 546 Creating A Ministry Of Public Works And A Ministry Of Transportation And Communications

Department Circulars

DC 92-269 Cellular Mobile Telephone System Policy
DC 92-269A Amendment to Deparmtent Circular No. 92-269 Re: Cellular Mobile Telephone System Policy
DC 273 Domestic Satellite Communications Policy
DC 94-277 International Satellite Communications Policy

Department Orders

DO 5 Rules and Regulations Governing Commercial Radio Operators
DO 6 Rules and Regulations Governing Land Mobile Service and its Operators
DO 11 General Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction, Installation, Establishment of Operation of Radio Stations
DO 23 Two-Year General Radio Communication Operator Course
DO 227 Promulgating Rules and Regulations Governing Radio Stations and Radio Communications in the Philippines

Joint Issuances

NTC-DICT-DTI-DOJ JOINT AO 18-01-2018 Administrative Procedures on Addressing Consumer Issues and Concerns Pertaining to Telecommunications Industry and Speedy Resolution of Consumer Complaints
NTC-DICT-DTI JOINT MC 05-12-2017 Prescribing a One (1) Year Expiration Period for Prepaid Loads
JOINT MC Rules and Regulations on the Selection of a New Player in the Public Telecommunications Market

Ministry Circulars

87-174 Revised Amateur Radio Regulations

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

5 Feb 2002 MOA with TELCOS